For a minute of extra sleep!

Just recovering from multiple bouts of laughter, I decided, I must share what made me laugh so much till my stomach cramped. It also made me think “What a person can do for just an extra minute of sleep”. So, leaning on my bed, in Nottingham, U.K, I am narrating an experience that I will laugh at all through my life.

The clock says 22:30, as my friend Sudheesh Rao, who is tired after writing an exam and preparing for another on the following day, decides to crash. He requests me to wake him up in an hour, and I agree. I was pretty convinced the one hour would extend, but, doing what was requested, I wake him up in an hour. He stretches, like he would be running in a minute, says he is up, and falls back onto the bed. I decide to give him some more time of sleep. So, the process kept repeating as the one hour slowly became 5 hours, and it was high time I kicked him out of bed. So, I wake him up, pull him to the kitchen, and make some coffee for the both of us. After the coffee, he suddenly realises he needs to study, and does it sincerely, as I got back to my research on some random thing on the internet.

He reads to me from his book about narcotics production in Columbia, and we discuss something about it. He lies down during the course of discussion and seems to have fallen asleep. So, I kick him up and ask him to study. He first tells he is awake, and just lying down. When I realise he is not going to be up till he is kicked again, he reassures he is up, this time by telling me how he is so interested in the world. He tells “I am awake, and I am thinking about the USA.” I kept wondering what he has to think about USA at 4 am. I let him rest for 10 more minutes before he is kicked again. Now he is still thinking, but not about USA, but about CSI, ISI and drug law in Portugal. I pull him off bed as he thinks, and he suddenly says “Find out about terrorism in China”. I do that and tell him the Ugyurs and the few attacks that happened in China. He is still not satisfied, and now he wants to think again, about a land without any narcotic terrorism and drug mafia. I realized I had enough of this, and go to the kitchen, make some coffee and put it into his hand. In the course, we discussed what he was thinking, in an attempt to poke at him. That is when I understood how valuable that one minute of extra sleep was for him. That one minute, he thought about every country in the world, and if each of us got that one extra minute, we all could think more about the world, and ultimately, sleep our way to get a better world.

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