Madly in Love? or is it ‘Lovely when MAD’

When people are madly in love, they really lose control of their words, their thoughts, everything. I am not being rude on them, but instead, am just narrating from my personal experiences. So, stop thinking of me as a ‘Master Lover’, which I am not, and read along.

I have been in love and fallen out in minutes, so many times, that I can only talk about how to fall out of love, from my first hand experiences with love. But, with so many lovers around me, I have seen what love can bring out from them. Sometimes, it can be so confusing, I keep wondering if I should laugh or feel the sentiment. This has been happening right from the time I was in Pre-University, and in these many years, I have observed a common behaviour pattern in all of them.

During my pre-university, there were a lot of people I knew who claimed to be madly in love. There was one lame guy who would claim to be in love with every human being that is not male, and try to flirt with them all, but, unfortunately or fortunately (for the girl), his flirting would seem very brotherly. And there was this one guy Lokesh Jain, who was always with me, and we checked out the same girls too. There was a time he claimed to be madly in love with a girl too. Every attempt made at coaxing him to ask the girl out would always go waste. He would talk to any girl like they were his buddies from the time he roamed the streets naked, but, when it came to this girl, the only thing that he could talk was empty gusts of wind. Then was this guy, who was made to believe that he was in love with this girl by the guy I just mentioned and me. This guy actually asked me to go ask that girl out from his side, and when I said “Dude, what if she says a no because I went”, he came the next day wearing a three piece suit, to ask her out. Unfortunately, it was Lokesh and me who got a beautiful 5 pages of letter from him, expressing his immense love/hatred for us. We never understood what he wrote, thanks to that pretty handwriting of his. There were a few more like this. But, at that age, I observed a common behaviour in each of them : All claimed of not being able to talk a word when the girl they claim to love was in front of them… How lame! I wish I fell in love then, I would have surely walked up to the girl!

The following year, when I entered University, it was a different surrounding. Different love stories, and different behaviour patterns. The guys/girls would be all excited, talking mushy, and coochie poochie and muaah all the while, through SMS and on phone, but, when they were together, It was a well preserved secret. Such a secret that everyone knew they were seeing each other. Symptoms : Sitting in the canteen, just the two. Going to every place, just the two. Ultimately, even going to the staff cabin as a couple. May be they thought, Couple entry free everywhere! The lamest thing was when a friend of mine walks up to me and asks, “how did you know we were going out, because we never disclosed to anybody.” I would smile and behave like “Oh! I am the God of love, and I know when people around me are in love.” Ultimately, I was born a Leo narcissist and love that attention, when it comes uncalled for. During this time, I had so many crushes, which fell out as soon as I lost sight of the girl, and since then, there has been no looking back. Also, my friends would be so fed up with me everytime I was in love. They knew it was just till the next pretty girl walked in front of me.

Then followed my stint outside hostel, when I moved in with my parents. I made new friends, and saw new love stories, and saw enough of other’s fall outs too. There was one guy who was in love with every girl he knew, one guy who would love a girl for the next four years, inspite of the girl not loving him, and cry about it everyday. One guy who was freshly in love and all happy about it, one guy me, who was always wondering when someone would fall out of love again. The pattern I observed here was : Love secludes people!

I entered UK, where I met people who came here because the love of their life was here, people who came and met their life partners here, and people who came here loving people back at home. The love here was mature, people wanting to end up with the ones they love, and, me again, having multiple crushes which fell out in minutes. There were people who came here, slept around and justified it saying they were trying to find the right person, which I thought was a silly justification, because, if they were having fun, they were having it, and that was about it. There were people who would not want their party pics uploaded on facebook, because their boyfriend or girlfriend was back in India, and would make life tough for them. There were two of my friends who were mad in love, so mad that I would go mad. The guy, my roomie, wakes up at 6am, sees the girl on skype and yells “Oh My God! I can see her. I am dreaming about her, and falls back on the bed.” The pattern I saw here was all serious philosophy, and my roomie also being all philosophically, spiritually and religiously in love, and singing ‘Cheesy Bollywood DDLJ numbers’ loudly from the bathroom, not knowing that I am typing that out here.

By the end of this, I am still wondering if this is funny or should I feel the sentiment. If I would ever fall in love. May be, that’s when, I would observe this pattern in me. And, that will probably be the time when I would be able to make some sense out of these whole 1000 odd words that I just typed, in order to kill some time.

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For a minute of extra sleep!

Just recovering from multiple bouts of laughter, I decided, I must share what made me laugh so much till my stomach cramped. It also made me think “What a person can do for just an extra minute of sleep”. So, leaning on my bed, in Nottingham, U.K, I am narrating an experience that I will laugh at all through my life.

The clock says 22:30, as my friend Sudheesh Rao, who is tired after writing an exam and preparing for another on the following day, decides to crash. He requests me to wake him up in an hour, and I agree. I was pretty convinced the one hour would extend, but, doing what was requested, I wake him up in an hour. He stretches, like he would be running in a minute, says he is up, and falls back onto the bed. I decide to give him some more time of sleep. So, the process kept repeating as the one hour slowly became 5 hours, and it was high time I kicked him out of bed. So, I wake him up, pull him to the kitchen, and make some coffee for the both of us. After the coffee, he suddenly realises he needs to study, and does it sincerely, as I got back to my research on some random thing on the internet.

He reads to me from his book about narcotics production in Columbia, and we discuss something about it. He lies down during the course of discussion and seems to have fallen asleep. So, I kick him up and ask him to study. He first tells he is awake, and just lying down. When I realise he is not going to be up till he is kicked again, he reassures he is up, this time by telling me how he is so interested in the world. He tells “I am awake, and I am thinking about the USA.” I kept wondering what he has to think about USA at 4 am. I let him rest for 10 more minutes before he is kicked again. Now he is still thinking, but not about USA, but about CSI, ISI and drug law in Portugal. I pull him off bed as he thinks, and he suddenly says “Find out about terrorism in China”. I do that and tell him the Ugyurs and the few attacks that happened in China. He is still not satisfied, and now he wants to think again, about a land without any narcotic terrorism and drug mafia. I realized I had enough of this, and go to the kitchen, make some coffee and put it into his hand. In the course, we discussed what he was thinking, in an attempt to poke at him. That is when I understood how valuable that one minute of extra sleep was for him. That one minute, he thought about every country in the world, and if each of us got that one extra minute, we all could think more about the world, and ultimately, sleep our way to get a better world.

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